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  It is advisable that you leave the following directories and both registrations' related database-tables of your webserver as they are, they will be a reference for your website to quick check or compare your progress in customizing this structure in the other directories of your website :
bp main [ Large Chat ]
auth Manual adding users to a site's reserved area ...directory : ../bp/auth/
web Automatic registration area for textshout members' usage ...directory : /web/
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...shows why this CLONE cannot be installed on a FREE server
This preview also gives you a clue of the CLONE SETUP ...if you opt to do it yourself :-)
Be informed that from the SPECIAL ACCESS FORUM , largely dedicated and RESERVED to the customers of this sub-package CLONE and other sub-package customers, you will find a lot of links that I share of my PHP programming knowledge, those might be cookie restricted, sofar many of those scripts are not publicly linked.

  In a span of time wherein many people are just practicing CLIENT side applications for the web, this CLONE tries to really shortcut your learning PHP paths, only do not expect to become an expert the very next day you get the keys to this CLONE, but read comments and before doing next click, be sure you got the meaning of the page you are leaving.
Warning : Scripts contained in this CLONE would not work on many free webhosting servers, as their ads-scripts are often causing malfunctioning to the scripts contained in the directories of this sub-package CLONE and often you cannot not manage the necessary chmod permissions properly to run PHP server side's scripts.

Before any move of yours please digest the idea that you need a PAY WebHosting SERVICE with cPanel ... as server administrator of c-php.com-SERVER, I am not really keen to sell to anyone such Personal Account, so feel free to buy anywhere you like that, CLONE can be installed on any other server that has a PHP & MySQL and cPanel (...PHP Version > 4.0)

Nb : Showing the cookies' information openwidely is unsecure !
If you surfing reserved site areas in other people presence whom you do not want show your data.

These informations are made here partially visible to help you during your projecting stages, by using this site as a guideline to make your own, however your password has been HIDDEN in these pages, so there is no risk.

When you finished your project do not set in your final public pages the following JavaScript that returns in html the cookies' values :
Feel at easy by leaving cookies' informations visible in this installation and leave them as they are :-)

Additionally provide your pages of the following code that will ensure NO CACHE STORAGE of your reserved pages' areas :
header("Cache-Control: no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate");
header("Cache-Control: post-check=0, pre-check=0",false);
header("Pragma: no-cache");
Finally be advised that all cookies set in these site are TEMPORARY and they will be automatically deleted by closing ALL surfed pages'session ... i.e. : If you paste an URL from a cookied page to another in a new browser-session ...you will have to Login again.

Suggestions & Paths
  For your basic knowledge find my best references at this embedded URL of my phpBB-FORUM website.  Feel at easy by contact me anytime you feel, but do not expect me to work for you by commenting or repeating and guiding you through all over again in all that I have already been exemplifying and commenting in my websites, I need someone that helps me in finding my own scripts instead.
... so please help yourself in that : bookmark sites' urls :-)
  You just need to patiently read and verify all related demos as for example by php-mail() , or MySQL as for the suite related to automatic registration that has been implemented in many different websites in slightly different ways, but the significative code for that is all included in the directory web , with the sole difference that the file test.php of the original suite is here placed in the main directory bp and renamed into : cc.php
You will also find in the source code of this page a couple of nice PHP dynamic scripts combined with JavaScript that are making links appearing as an auth-verification is successfully performed. Besides that you will also get the script for the yahoo-OSI , but not the solution for THE APPLES' QUIZ

... if you are new to PHP please finally ACKNOWLEDGE that you cannot see any source code of PHP by clientside, so if you have a regular copy of this installation you can see the NATIVE SOURCE code, IF NOT you can only see and grab the clentside result of the clone.zip content :-(

Notepad WebDesign
[...link place holder]
...Casting of page subframes :
<a name="design"><br></a>

...retrievable by the internal link <a href=#design>design</a>
I have choosen this structure as it offers a page sub-frame that opens 100% width & height Client SIZE
My intention is to give my visitors the chance to have in his screen-view a sort of big paragraph in which to have a complete ensemble of text and related images, so that he finds it at easy to read and have under control the sub-frame subject without being forced to use the vertical scrollbar and have a full view of the subject from a resolution of 800 x 600 to larger screen sizes.
By surfing these pages and sub-frames, your reader will just change the content of them, while structure will remain the same by returning a nice motionless effect when surfing to the next sub-frame ...get more informations on tables' syntax at the following link
Hide the vertical navigation bar [...set : "!"] as follows : <!script src=v-nav.js> <!/script>
... overflowing text in HTML ...editing information :-(