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  This is nothing else then a sofisticated suite to install on a real webserver, break apart, analyze, get hints, copy code and customize to proper taste and feel, or amend it in a nicer layout, so in the first place is a tool to learn quicker than anything else to understand and use working code for interactive PHP Web Design.
... A www.knowk.com Project [ Directory Installation ]
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Same as this directory but in a Standalone/clone/ Sub-Domain
This is The Ultimated Version Of The Know Key Clone (.zip) Suite
... all Clientside retrievable package is FREE and also all related Forum CONTENT ... Main Extended Standalone Installation
A Free Registration gives access to all subforums except: Reserved Area For Clone.ZIP Buyers
  Warning: The Clone.ZIP suite is not a program to clone anything else than its own files and folders, it is instead a shortcut where the newbie peeps in and sees how 2 login areas (...of which one is full automatic and not bootable) work and are set, an original and cookie based email feedback system program and a mini-chat in php, besides other minor snippets. ... Significative areas are all linked from the directory ''bp'' and other links placed aside at bottom right   ...
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A dynamic php example