... you could use this page to describe your website
Clone Standalone DEMO has ClientSide Extra html Content than this Directory.
Regardless you want to install Package in a Directory or a Standalone mode,
,,, content of deliverd Package, will be the same and will reflect exactly this directory DEMO.

. . . A more extended About is on the → ↓
Standalone Clone.ZIP-About

  You will get an exact copy of this site-folder bp as setup at another web address.
Files to perform Login & Registration at your site will be in folder web
except file cc.php that will be in folder bp
A second Members' Area will be fully functional in folder auth
You will back up it and make all attempts to modify or replace its contents,
. . . if anything goes wrong you will then restore it and try again.
If you buy [ € 48 ] the install option, then please let us know :
• FTP Address & Access Data
• Your phpMyAdmin Address & Access Data
• Your valid E-mail account whereto receive your webmail
... and we will upload the website and make the related SETUP :-)
. . . in this page you see the navigation bar on top and left as well :-)
. . . Just paste where you like the following lines :   <script src=nav.js></script>
<script src=v-nav.js></script>